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We are a team of well-known professionals, teachers, and trainers. We provide in-house training for our staff, as well as training for anyone wishing to become a teacher or to further their professional development.


The most widely-recognized, hands-on initial teacher training qualification


Deepen your knowledge and become an expert teacher with this flexible qualification


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from our trainees

The CELTA course at the London School in Thiene was a challenging, demanding yet rewarding experience. The tutors were highly professional, competent and supportive thanks to their consolidated know-how and expertise. The students were engaged and eager to learn. The entire staff welcomed us making us feel home ready to help us. The facility is very cosy and fully equipped with a wide range of methodology books and useful bibliography for the trainees.

M. Marzio

CELTA student, 23 Dec 2017
It was a very intensive course (as promoted) and I did enjoy the studying after such a long period since my uni days! Our class size was perfect and we formed a tight knit supportive group throughout the course. The 2 tutors had totally different teaching and tutoring styles which I appreciated. Working with the student classes in a real situation is very important and the students sourced were very keen and the classes challenging with the variety of learning styles and L1 influences. Thiene is a lovely little town, though with not much to distract from the task at hand. Fairly easy to get to without a car. The location of the school is handy to town - just a short walk, and with plenty of parking if you're driving. I'm so glad I came to do the curse in Italy with the London School instead of staying home in Australia. It was a truly rich and rewarding experience.

M. North

CELTA student, 13 Sep 2017
The experience was made much better thanks to the excellent tutors and helpful staff of the London School. Whenever there was a problem, they always found a way to help. This course promised to be very challenging but doing it here with them and this class has been great. Thank you.

I. Sinclair,

CELTA student, 06 Sep 2017
the london school teacher training Italy

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