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Classroom Activities, Interaction and Motivation

In this course you will learn what kinds of activities help students to learn English well. There are eight units. In the first one you will get to know the course, the learning platform, your tutors and the other participants. In the next six units you will explore some factors we need to consider when choosing, using and adapting activities, such as interaction, motivation and classroom management.

We will also look at how to evaluate activities and adapt them or devise our own when necessary. Each of these units will also focus on activities related to a particular language area. Over the course you will build up a repertoire, or bank, of activities that you can use with your students and we will help you to organise and share this. In unit 8 you will prepare for your final assessed project, which will help you put everything you have learnt into practice.

This course will cover the following areas:

  • Exploring what makes good activities
  • Identifying aims for some activities
  • Thinking about the importance of interaction
  • Thinking about what motivates people generally
  • Thinking about what the teacher should do before, during and after an activity
  • Listening to some experienced teachers talking about how they built their repertoire of activities
  • Choosing some evaluation criteria for activities for your class
  • Submitting a project plan for your tutor for feedback

This course will extend the participant’s understanding and critical awareness of:

  • How to discover a range of activities for recycling vocabulary
  • Solutions to some common challenges in speaking classes
  • How we can help students interact more in speaking activities
  • Some reasons why students may not want to write
  • How to plan the stages and instructions for a warmer, filler or booster
  • Some online tools for storing, organising and sharing activities
  • How to devise and share a short reading or listening activity
  • How to evaluate some receptive skills activities

To know more about the course, watch this introductory video by Nile course leader Chris Rose.

The course consists of 8 online units, each lasting one week and requiring about 5 hours of individual study and work on Nile’s online platform. The online work is then explored more in detail during two face-to-face workshops in Thiene, as well as two online live sessions.

At the end of the course, participants have the opportunity to complete a final assignment that will be graded by the tutor. Those who complete the final assignment will receive a Certificate of Achievement. Should you chose not to complete the assignment, you will still receive a Certificate of Attendance.

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The total cost of the course is 295 euros, inclusive of access to Nile online glossary and library.
How to enrol
To enrol, please send an email to training@thelondonschool with the name of the course and your reasons for enrolling.