As of 2017, we will be offering online CELTA courses to candidates in Italy and abroad. The course is a part-time version of the face-to-face CELTA and will last 11 weeks. The course will cover the general CELTA syllabus and will include both input sessions (online) and teaching practice (face-to-face).

Organisation of the online CELTA course

Dates: 9 October 2017 – 22 December 2017


  • Trainees can largely work at their own pace, however, units and accompanying tasks must be completed by certain deadlines. Additionally, there are 6 live sessions with the online course tutor. These are scheduled with trainees according to their availability and must be attended;
  • Teaching practice will be done in a two-week block (Monday to Friday) 20th November – 1st December;
  • There will be NO FINAL EXAM, the final grade will be awarded according to a continuous assessment system.
  • Click here for an overview of CELTA and the different ways to take it.

Fees for online CELTA

Our all-inclusive rate is €1550, which includes all tuition and the Cambridge registration fee.